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United States – 1976
Short Annotated Bibliography
  1. Rabin, Michael O. and Dana Scott, “Finite Automata and Their Decision Problems,” IBM Journal of Research and Development, Vol. 3, Num. 2, 1959, pp. 114-125. Russian translation: “Konechnye avtomaty i zadachi ikh razresheniya,” Kiberneticheskii sbornik, vol. 4 (1962), pp. 58-91. Reprinted in: Moore E. F. (editor), Sequential Machines, Selected Papers, Addison Wesley Publishing Company, Reading, MA (1964), pp. 63-92. This paper contains the research work on nondeterministic automata for which the two authors received the 1976 Turing Award.
  2. Rabin, Michael O., "Degree of Difficulty of Computing a Function and a Partial Ordering of Recursive Sets," Technical Report No. 2, O.N.R., Hebrew University, Jerusalem, 1960. This paper was inspired by the “spies and guards” problem from John McCarthy.
  3. Rabin, Michael O. (1980), "Probabilistic algorithm for testing primality," Journal of Number Theory, Vol. 12, Num. 1, pp. 128–138. This paper describes the randomized algorithm developed by Miller and Rabin for primality testing
  4. Rabin, Michael O. and J. O. Shallit, “Randomized Algorithms in Number Theory,” Communications on Pure and Applied Mathematics, Vol. 39, Num. S1, 196, pp. S239-S256. In this work the two authors use the randomized algorithm for Lagrange’s four-square as an illustration of their approach.