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United States – 1992
Short Annotated Bibliography

Three of Butler Lampson’s papers have won SIGOPS awards:

  1. Lampson, Butler W. and Howard E. Sturgis, Crash recovery in a distributed data storage system, Unpublished technical report, Xerox Palo Alto Research Center, June, 1979, 25 pp. Available here.
  2. Lampson, Butler W. and David D. Redell, “Experience with processes and monitors in Mesa,” Communications of the ACM, Vol. 23, Num. 2 (Feb. 1980), pp. 106-117. Available here.
  3. Lampson, Butler W., “Hints for computer system design,” ACM Operating Systems Review,. Vol. 17, Num. 5 (Oct. 1983), pp 33-48. Reprinted in IEEE Software Vol. 1, Number 1, (Jan. 1984), pp. 11-28. Available here.