Richard W. Hamming DL Author Profile link

United States – 1968

In NPS lab with IEEE Hamming Medal, 1988
(The VTU in the background is just like
the machine Hamming kept in his office)

In his Naval Postgraduate School (NPS) office,
date unknown

Dancing with Wanda, 1975
(They loved to dance!)

With his wife, Wanda, 1980

In his NPS office with unidentified visitors,
circa 1982

Hamming in his NPS office, 1992
(Photo by Louis Fabian Bachrach)

Presenting a lecture on the MBONE, 1994

Portrait, date unknown

Dick Hamming in his home, 1992
(Photo by Louis Fabian Bachrach)

On the NPS campus, 1992
(Photo by Louis Fabian Bachrach)

Photo-essay compiled by John Sanders, Special Collections Manager, Dudley Knox Library,
Naval Postgraduate School, presented by permission