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United States – 2003
Short Annotated Bibliography
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  2. Kay, A. C. “User Interface: A Personal View.” In The Art of Human–Computer Interface Design, edited by B. Laurel, pp. 191–207, Boston, MA: Addison–Wesley, 1990.  The significance of this article is the description of the influences and theory behind the development of the graphical user interface.
  3. Kay, A. C. “Computers, networks and education,” Scientific American, pp. 138-148, 1991, September.  A seminal article discussing computers and education.
  4. Kay, Alan and Adele Goldberg, “Personal Dynamic Media.” In The New Media Reader, edited by N. Montfort and N. Wardrip–Fruin, pp. 393–404, MIT Press, Cambridge, MA, 2003.  An article, first published in 1977, that describes the Dynabook.