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United States – 1986
Short Annotated Bibliography

John Hopcroft’s major books are:

  1. Hopcroft, J. and J. D. Ullman, Formal Languages and Their Relation to Automata, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1969.This is the volume that began as a set of notes for Hopcroft’s first computing class.
  2. Hopcroft, J., Aho, A. V. and J. D. Ullman, The Design and Analysis of Computer Algorithms, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1974.This, the second of the books by Hopcroft and Ullman, was another groundbreaking text that is still used.
  3. Hopcroft, J., and J. D. Ullman, Introduction to Automata Theory, Language, and Computation, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1979. Second Edition (with Rajeev Motwani), 2001.Now in its second edition, this book joins others by the same authors that have set standards for education in theoretical computing for over 30 years.
  4. Hopcroft, J., Aho, A. V. and J. D. Ullman, Data Structures and Algorithms, Addison-Wesley, Reading, Massachusetts, 1983.This work contains many of the concepts pioneered by Hopcroft in the area of graph algorithms.

In addition he has published more than 100 research papers in leading journals.