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United States – 1992
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Oral Interviews

In 2006 Lampson was interviewed by Alan Kay for the Computer History Museum. They describe that interview as containing information on the following subjects:

Lampson, Butler; Computer architecture; Local area networks(Computer networks); Raster printers; Page description languages; Operating systems (Computers); Programming languages (Electronic computers); Semantics; Fault-tolerant computing; Transaction processing; Computer security; WYSIWYG editors; Alto personal workstation; Ethernet (Local area network system); Ethernet encryption system; Bravo text editor; Interpress page description language; SDS 940 timesharing system; Xerox Dorado; Xerox PARC Computer Science Laboratory (CSL); Digital Equipment Corporation Systems Research Center; Transaction processing; Fellow Awardee

A transcript of that interview can be found here.

The transcript of an interview with Lampson conducted by Jeffrey Yost for the Charles Babbage Institute is also available here.